BDJ Box July 2014

The July 2014 BDJ Box is late but I didn’t mind. One thing I like about The BDJ Box team is that they keep you updated when boxes are a bit late. I just think that’s excellent customer service.

I know by the time this gets published, most of you already know what’s in it. Anyway, the July box’s theme is Pure and Simple. It has “humble beauty essentials to maintain a fresh subtle look.”

july 2014 bdj box

Personally, I think this box is very utilitarian and I love it. I can see myself using 60% of what’s in this box and that’s great because I can cross them out from my grocery list.  Continue reading

Saladbox June-July 2014

It’s been a long time since I heard from Saladbox. Apparently, the reason why the June box is missing is because they are combining two months worth of goodies in one box which arrived earlier this month.

saladbox june-july 2014

The theme of this box is Korean Beauty – a quite popular “genre” of beauty. The team partnered up with Missha, a Korean brand(?) I know nothing about.

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Hair Care for Rebonded Hair

Apart from skin care, I’m also nuts about haircare. My hair is naturally curly – the kind that’s really kinky. When I was about two or three, my curls were soft and big but as I grew older my hair became more Hagrid-y than supermodel big curls eleganza.

baby elaine

So long story short: I now regularly have my hair straightened. It’s super hard to maintain and I know the chemicals in the hair rebonding process damages my hair one way or another so I make sure I take care of my hair.

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Do Stuff, Fatty

I was cleaning up my Instagram account earlier (I have to get rid of some stuff there, heh) and I realized how this year, I kind of actively participated like a normal person. I did things. I went to places. I met new people. I reconnected with some I haven’t seen in years. I put stuff in my mouth that did not come from *my* kitchen. You know, stuff.

I started this year’s shenanigans on a plane to Singapore to visit my sister and attend my first music festival abroad. A few years ago I wouldn’t agree to doing that. I would be obsessing over petty things such as tiny plane seats and short seat belts not latching because of my plump belly instead of getting excited and sincerely looking forward to flying overseas to experience life outside of the Philippines, where I’ve been residing for almost 26 years now. Continue reading

20 Days of Lipstick Week 5

20 Days of Lipstick: Week 5 Recap

I’m still doing this beauty dare? Yes, I am. I apologize for not posting on time. I had a very rough week – my blogging mojo was nowhere to be found. To be quite honest, I am kind of exhausted, but no matter, I’ve had a couple of days to declutter my brain and now I’m here.

For week 5 of 20 Days of Lipstick, I was able to do six days! Hurrah! Check out what shades I wore below!  Continue reading